Our chartering services can charter vessels to handle your load, no matter how large, bulky or sensitive it is. ATS sea freight services can meet your needs, even if your load is abnormal or of unusual weight or dimensions. Perhaps your destination will involve routes that are outside those served by standard shipping companies. It may be that you have a specific need for the transportation of a very large item that a normal freighter will refuse or be unable to carry.

We can help! We have the resources to meet any unusual needs and carry any cargo, irrespective of its weight or dimensions. We will discuss the best charter solution for you. We can charter for routes outside the usual routes of regular international shipping companies. We can also handle loads that would not suit the normal convention for containerized or standard cargo on liner vessels.


Vessels and aircraft location for special cargo

Count with Servitrans for special cargo services. We make sure your cargo gets to destination safe and on time.


Up-to-date information about vessels, barges, and aircraft available at a given time.

Contact us to gain access to our Online Tracking system.


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