With more than twenty five years in the shipping and freight forwarding industry, our company continues to grow among the highest growth rates in its field.


With more than twenty five years in the shipping and freight forwarding industry, Servitrans has built a first class organizational infrastructure that continues to grow at a rate among the highest and most rapid in its field. Our highly trained personnel applies professional experience to modern shipping procedures, including office networking, advanced technology, and selected agency patterns to provide our clients with the best transportation and logistics services to and from any part of the world in the shortest possible time, all at a cost-effective rate suitable to our clients’ needs.


We exist to provide the highest quality and care in the international transportation and logistic service market. We strive to meet or exceed the expectation of our clients by listening to their needs and remembering to take care of them.

We apply strict quality standards to each client and fulfill them with integrity, honesty and respect. Our standards are monitored by the most advanced technology in the shipping industry.


We will be a market leader by marrying the cost efficiencies of technology with the personal care of human interface. This integrated solution simplifies the process and results in efficient shipments at the lowest possible cost, and exceptional client service.

We will be a leader in quality care by always adapting to meet our clients needs.


Servitrans was founded in Maracaibo, Venezuela in late 1996. Following the initial launch of its Maracaibo headquarters, Servitrans gradually set about expanding its operations by opening offices strategically situated throughout the Venezuelan region, beginning with Puerto Cabello (Carabobo State), soon followed by Guanta (Anzoátegui State) and La Guaira (Vargas State). In line with our mission to be leaders in the market of international transportation and logistics services, Servitrans expanded into North America and launched operations in 1997 with offices in Houston, TX, and Miami, FL, adding to our ability to offer customers more complete services to efficiently carry out their supply chain in its entirety from start to finish.

A consistently high level of performance, as well as increased demand for our services from new and returning customers in more parts around the world, have each presented the opportunity for Servitrans to launch operations in key regions throughout Latin America, with expansion of office sites most recent in Colombia, Peru, and Panama.